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We only breed the best within the breed, all of our Females dogs are championship bloodlines.

Kysarah German Shepherd Females

Untitled design-5.png

Tacoras Eunoia Precious Jewel of Dakamar aka "Emma" OFA H&E 


Emma is a sweet girl that we are showing right now she has great potential in the show ring and breeding. Emma is co-owned with Debra Maldonado.

Untitled design-6.png

Kysarah Hammersmith Carry Home  "aka" Pierce OFA H&E Dm Carrier


Pierce is a fun loving dog that just loves to play with balls and her people. She has been a great producer for us and has some nice up and coming progeny.


Untitled design-7.png

Kysarah's the Big Bang "aka" Amy

This up and coming young lady has a ton of potential she is just about to start her show career watch for her at upcoming shows.

Untitled design-8.png

Cristal Von Turenhof "aka" Fuma OFA H&E  DM Clear

Fuma is one of two sister's we imported from Romania that carry the Dominant black Gene we are really excited to implement her into our bloodlines.

Untitled design-9.png

Caramel Von Turenhof "aka" Cara OFA H&E DM Clear

Cara is one of two sisters we imported from Romania that carries the Black Dominant Gene... We are super excited about adding her to our Bloodlines.


Untitled design-10.png

CH.Kysarah's Dare To Be German aka"Mary" DM Clear 

Mary and her brother both finished before they were 1 years old. Dare is 1 Quarter german and she has a temperament to die for I love her substance and temperament,co-owned with Philip Moore

Untitled design-11.png

BOM Sel GCh Kysarah's Sholans Paint it Black "aka" OFA TC


Ali like her brother Shea has had a great show career, Great temperament and playful disposition make her a favorite to everyone that meets her. Co-owned with Stacey and Michael Huff

Untitled design-12.png

Kysarah's Sanbob Spill The Tea "aka" Teak 


Up and coming beautiful lady, We just love everything about her. We all love Teak she is everyone's favorite... little replica of her father Shea can't wait to see her in the ring.

Untitled design-13.png

Kysarah's Lil Red Corvette aka "Selena" 

Selena is a fun-loving dog that anyone with a ball is her best friend.


Untitled design-16.png

Solid Rock-Schneiderhof’s Trick or Treat v Kysarah "aka" Pixie


Pixie is an easy mover and a Happy girl. She Loves to play ball.

Co-owned with Errin Mcdonald


Kysarah I found my thrill "aka" SHI 


SHI is up and coming. She has a pedigree that we have wanted to implement in our breeding program for awhile, watch for her at upcoming shows.

Co-owned with Osvaldo Rodriguez


Kysarah's Black Ice aka "ICE" Dm Clear and just a little dab of German

Out of Ch.Mary and Ch.George.

Ice is a puppy we are very excited about get into the show ring

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